Sustainability Strategy & Risk Management

We didn’t invent efficient operations, we invented how to become efficient.

Veritatis Advisors – Building Strategy from Fact


Veritatis Advisors build new innovative strategy from the ground up, based on your organization’s culture and market targets, combined with our expertise.

Our advisor’s knowledge comes from hundreds of successful projects, engagements spanning multi-national corporations, government agencies, and sectors.

Veritatis Advisors believe your success results from efficient process integration – Use of KPI’s (key performance indicators); Coaching; Team Performance Metrics; and continual use of tools such as Agile, Stage-Gate, Lean, Benchmark, or GAP.

Sustainability Risk Management

Build dynamic, responsive, and inclusive processes around natural and man-made consumptive processes. Address the human and cultural factors that influence the achievement of your organization’s objectives, dealing with uncertainties that threaten your organization’s success.


“Competitive forces from unsustainable behavior create risk, learn how they can affect you, how to substitute resources or even alternative resources at no additional cost.”

– Don Macdonald 

Principles & Risk Management Frameworks

Assessment Tools

SWOT, Stage-Gate, HAZOP, Porter’s Five Forces, and ISO 31000 are tools that Veritatis Advisors utilizes to analyze risk and outcome levels within the desired industry or process.

Sustainability Consulting Services

Corporate Sustainability

  • Environmental & Energy Information systems (EMIS)
  • GRI
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Supply Chain

Sustainability Initiative Mapping

  • Sustainability Initiatives
  • Maximum Organization Impact Point