Climate Change & GHG

A business risk management issue.

Climate ChangeBusinesses are valuing the cost of carbon.

Corporate carbon reduction targets are commonplace. Many targets are grounded in “guesstimates” for external purposes and are often short-term in nature. Some mask an actual increase of absolute emissions as a result of growth and/or are set as intensity targets linked to sales, revenue, production or number of employees. Very few targets are based on normalized operations and properly baselined energy consumption that result in a clear understanding of carbon consumption, hence emissions.

Veritatis offers you a multidisciplinary expertise in energy and environmental sciences to help solve your most pressing energy, carbon, and climate change challenges.

Veritatis Integrated Views

Veritatis guides board of directors and enterprise executives through integrated and innovative solutions to extend economic, environmental, and CSR issues across all functional and strategic thought dynamics. Based on value ranking and process mapping, these align with your organization’s sustainability vision.

Energy Management

Veritatis understands the role of energy efficiency in sustainable and environmentally sound operations. Clients receive a full range of energy-management services, including:

  • Energy auditing and footprinting
  • Detailed energy-efficiency reviews and recommendations
  • Greenhouse-gas emission inventory and strategy development
  • Renewable-energy resource prospecting and evaluation
  • Analysis of alternative energy options
  • Project management
  • Operation/maintenance and/or monitoring support

Climate Change Adaptation

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, and technicians work closely with clients to address the uncertainties of climate change regarding energy operations. We offer a wide range of integrated services, including:

Greenhouse Gas & Carbon Services

  • Reporting strategy
  • Stakeholders (Advisory Panels)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Technical Content – public disclosures (CSR & G4)

Reporting Data Services

  • GRI indicators (EN Indicators)
  • CDP, ISOS, ISO questionnaires
  • Corporate carbon impact statement CIS
  • Environmental assessment and environmental impact statements

Emissions Inventory (EI)

Emissions Management (EM)

  • Impact and response balance sheet
  • Trade-off Analysis