Trust, fact, accuracy.

Veritatis’ core principal is efficient action based on effective use of resources, namely the ‘human resource’ to maximize shareholder value with minimal natural resource impact.

We humans always look for more, heavenward, imagining ourselves as Icarus soaring freely against a magnificent blue sky.

As children we are taught to look up first to our parents, teachers, service men and then our heroes.

Humans look up to receive nutrition, money, encouragement and later jet streams, tall buildings, space stations, and the stars.

We rarely look down. Rarely do we look at people, at the water we drink and swim, at the air we breathe or consider the efficiency in how we consume natural resources or the efficiency by which we produce things.

It’s perhaps against our human nature to be sustainable, why? Perhaps, simply we are conditioned to look up instead of down, to consume without consideration, and to assume abundant supply.

These matters are the nexus of Veritatis Advisors, said Don Macdonald during a recent speech on energy management