-20% Green house Gases (GHG) % or CO2 tonnes
-22% Energy Net Consumption (kWH)
-3% Emissions Net Reduction

The founder of Biotechnology, Genentech, a Roche Company, embeds its core social environment and operational principles by integrating management systems processes and metrics.

Integrated EHS Management System

Using EHS management systems for measuring, improving, and demonstrating performance, Genentech formalized continual improvement processes through implementation of its risk management framework.

In 2012 energy efficiency came into its own, with product manufacturing and continual improvement practices.gentech1

What Veritatis did

Veritatis Advisors, under contract to UL, organized third party certification services to the Hillsboro, OR plant for ISO14001 – Environmental Management, OHSAS18001 – Health and Safety Management, later adding ISO 50001.

In 2014 the integrated management systems paid off with energy consumption decreasing by 3.7% while sales grew 5%, thus decoupling energy consumption from the growth of business for the first time.

ISO 50001 Program Activities resulted in:

genetechEnergy Action Plan Tactics included:

Behavioral Engagement Goes Mainstream

Embedding cultural change. The business side of sustainability is steeped in ROI, NPV, and other forms of financial analysis. Green teams are an exception to this rule at Genentech.

The Plan-Do-Check-Act driven employee engagement side is known as “Green Genes.” Green Genes focuses exclusively on educating, involving, and empowering Genentech employees to be more sustainable at work and at home.

Like any change management initiative, multiple plants across many regions brings diverse challenges. Veritatis guided them in approaches to this implementation.


Case Studies:

Genetech – Our SHE goals and performance


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