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Don Macdonald Chief Advisor

Don Macdonald is known for his innovative consulting methods, approaches, his ability to identify and secure new developing public trends, and his unique value on constructing new strategies.

Q: What is Veritatis Advisors?
From the Latin word, it means “Truth.”

Veritatis Advisors helps organizations help themselves by uncovering the operational truth. Clients seek our advice because frankly, they can get lost. Costs are too high, risks too great, processes wasteful, confronting a new requirement, or simply short staffed. They often describe their situation as “being too close to the forest to see the trees” and this is where we help them. Veritatis excels at navigating the complex and changing environment for C Suite, boards of directors, and business unit leaders across multi-cultural environments.

Q: What makes Veritatis Advisors unique?
We listen, focus, and then act.

We advise only in three areas of risk management: Sustainability & Risk; Climate & Energy; Environment, Health & Safety

Q: What are Veritatis’ areas of Operational Expertise?

-Maturity mapping, program integration, performance coaching
-Regulatory Advisory, EHS
-Product Claim and Recycle Content Verifications
-Energy Management, DOE, Better Plants/Better Buildings, ASHRAE, and IPMVP



Associated Non-Profit Organizations

Young Hearts for Life (YH4L)

Young Hearts for Life (YH4L)

Don, an avid open water marathon swimmer, having qualified to swim the English Channel, circumnavigated Manhattan island, and completed numerous other grand swims; believes ECG screening of all physically active and especially young persons is justified, cost-effective and compelling. There are some things you cannot place an economic value on and a child’s life is one of them. Equally important is the education of adults as role models. The importance of being proactively screened cannot be understated, 50 percent of cases have no prior symptoms.




Educational Foundation

Educational Foundation

Using again his avid open water marathon swimming as a vehicle to discuss challenges, success and failure, Don raises awareness for local communities implementing student emotional & resilience programming. The Barrington 220 Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit to acquire and distribute resources in support of Barrington Community School District 220 for programs and projects aimed at enhancing, enriching and supplementing learning opportunities for students, staff and community. Don’s efforts have helped promote awareness to generate more than $2 million in grant categories: Project — a one-time award for an effort that enhances learning opportunities; Projects for Innovation and Enhancement (PIE) — allows teachers and staff to introduce innovative programs that benefit students; Helping Hand — when other funding sources are limited; Memorial — a grant that honors the memory of a family or community member.