Environmental Resource Utilization & Efficiency

What if you could improve your company’s bottom line, increase revenue, reduce business risk and boost your competitive advantage — all at the same time?


Companies with a conscience demand more.

Continual environmental  improvement across the supply chain — procurement, manufacturing, and distribution; including post-use recovery, are critical to cost containment and corporate image.



Veritatis Large Scale Recovery Projects

Inorganic Chemicals
Regeneration of Spent Sulfuric Acidan industrial scale catalyst) for gasoline octane enhancement increasing mileage performance and reducing tailpipe COe emissions.

Reclamation of Montreal Protocol GHG solvents for secondary use in manufacturing paints.



Veritatis Product Recovery Projects

Manufacturing Wastes & By-Products
Fuel substitution to provide thermal process energy to cement manufacturers and bulk chemical processing plants.

Solar Panels
Component Recycling Solar Panels-recovering film, heavy metals, plastic coatings, and glass. End-of-life schemes.

Think Tesla. Batteries and PCB chip sets end-of-life management that is extremely important to the environment and cost recovery, waste regulations, R2 and eStewards, along with WEEE/ROHS.




Veritatis Advisors creates efficient flows of resources and improves corporation environmental risk management by eliminating waste, emissions, and costs at each stage of operation:

Integrated assessment of supply chain, by sector:

  • Solar Industry – End of Life Materials & Panels
  • Biofuels – Corn & Oils, Natural Waxes & Resins
  • Pharma & Chemicals – Alternative fuels, GHG Tier 1,2
  • Utility – Waste used in Power Generation
  • Mining – Conflict Metals, Acids
  • Manufacturing – Scrap, Residual Value

Integrated assessment of supply chains, by service:

  • EPD’s, Life cycle Assessments
  • Design & Scale-up, Embodied Energy
  • Operations/Production HAZOP, PSSR, Process Safety
  • Supply Chain Procurement Policy Verification