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ARPA-e Awards for 2015 - InSights into Energy Efficiency   In the quickly evolving arena of energy management and performance the ARPA-e awards can be an insightful view into Energy Sector's key research in energy management, performance, and efficiency. ARPA-e funds innovative technologies that display promise for both technical and commercial impact, but are too early for private-sector investment. Veritatis Advisors offers Angel and start-up technology and product guidance in navigating applying and identifying funding.

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Perspectives on Small Business Energy Efficiency today focuses on Knowledge. Business energy efficiency programs are often described by the small and medium sized business owner and manager in passive terms such as lenient, compliant, or latent. While it is often assumed this lack of engagement is cost driven, we are finding now that it is actually knowledge or competency driven. Most audits today continue to be engineering focused, foregoing behavioral aspects. This knowledge gap increases the cost hurdle,

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