Clean Power Plan – Incentives begin to roll-out

Incentives from EPA to do “states heavy lifting” launched.  Incentives for renewables and those adopting, investing, building such assets are now being spoon fed from EPA to the nation.



“As in any government program that receives underwhelming reviews, eventually Washington gets the message and does the work for the nations States and thereby primes the pump for corporations to get behind the CPP.” said Veritatis’ Don Macdonald. “It’s the natural evolution of government energy programs and sometimes necessary to prime the pump.”


On June 30, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published proposed design details for the Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP) in the Federal Register. The voluntary CEIP can be used to incentivize the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects ahead of Clean Power Plan compliance periods.




While a basic proposal outlining the CEIP was included as a component of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan published in October 2015, the proposed design details provide specificity with regard to the scope, structure and mechanics of the program.