Solvay (Rhodia Eco Services Group) is the #1 global provider of sulfuric acid recycling to the global oil & gas production infrastructure.

Sulfuric acid is a key catalyst for oil refiners in the production of alkylate, a critical high-value gasoline component that increases octane. The single largest commodity chemical in the world, sulfuric acid is manufactured by a catalyst recovery technology.

Acid catalysts quietly underpin Global Energy Economy. Sulfuric acid is of critical importance to the US economy. However, current EIA data show the quality of the crude for production is increasingly heavier and of greater sulfur content. This deteriorating quality presents a challenge to refiners that in turn, drives up recycling production activity.

oilrefinery3.8 million gallons are recycled annually, while co-firing liquid spent hazardous by non-hazardous wastes for energy recovery —thereby reducing natural gas consumption and controlling GHG emissions.

Sulfuric acid is utilized as an intermediate to produce many different organic and inorganic chemicals. These include semi-conductors, solar panel manufacturing, fertilizers, additives for gasoline, water treatment, pulp and paper processing, mineral extraction from ores, metal processing, lead-cell batteries of the type used in automobiles, and other motorized vehicles.

What Veritatis did:

Veritatis Advisors led the projects associated with permitting multiple sulfuric acid plants, the company’s first RCRA Part B authorization in 1987.

Unique Applications Support The World’s First Ever Round-The-World Solar Powered Flight

Solar Impulse is a transformative attempt to make solar power real. 13 recent products derived from similar chemistry are being used in 25 applications and 6,000 parts.


Case Studies:

Bayer Recognizes Rhodia Eco Services for Waste Management Service

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