-16%Green house Gases (GHG) % or CO2 tonnes

-8%Energy Net Consumption (kWH)

Schneider Electric’s slogan, “Make the Most of Your Energy” is well demonstrated by them embedding continual energy performance into everything they do.

ISO 50001, DOE Superior Energy Performance (SEP) M&V principles are foundational to their manufacturing operations. Certified multiple plants under DOE’s Superior Energy Performance® (SEP™) and DOE Better Plants Programs cement their leadership in energy management and productivity improvement.

Schneider Electric’s Smyrna, TN FacilitySchnider

Flagship energy efficiency plant is a manufacturer of medium voltage switchgear.

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Case Studies:

Schneider Efficiency Case Study

Schneider Case Study

Symrna Example Case Study

Superior Energy Performance at Schneider Electric


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Schneider Electric Case Study