The world’s fourth largest Agrichemical Manufacturer

Costly product failures often result from simple but sometimes hidden process manufacturing and quality defects.

In 2013, led by then UL contract business development leader Veritatis Advisors, DuPont Agrichemical’s embarked on an external benchmarking review of its North American Crop Protection Manufacturing practices and operations.

shutterstock_71790868These process assessments were relevant for DuPont because they tailored the client’s specific needs against best practices in the chemical manufacturing industry, environment, and quality to be directed to shift plant operations, warehouse and distribution.

Veritatis Advisors supported UL and DuPont in its conception of the benchmarking process incorporating SHE and process safety aspects to an otherwise paper based review process.

What Veritatis did: 

As one would expect, on-site assessment of every SOP, pipe, and pump ultimately turned up various SHE opportunities for improvement, process safety opportunities for improvement, and health awareness concerns. Site teams shared in the assessment output as a learning opportunity benefiting from the cross-functional review and leader’s expertise.

Case Studies:

ISO 9001 – An Upgrade for Quality Management Systems

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