Utility adoption of energy efficiency programs is an outsourced model of engagement perhaps until now. According to AEEE, utilities a bit counter-intuitive in their market adoption thinking, are now seeing energy efficiency as a resource. With the confluence of proper GHG's and energy benchmarking, baselines Wall Streets acceptance of metrics for investment profiling have become standardized and with that AEEE found that it is third in the electric generation segment. And it may top the list

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Clean Power Plan - Incentives begin to roll-out Incentives from EPA to do "states heavy lifting" launched.  Incentives for renewables and those adopting, investing, building such assets are now being spoon fed from EPA to the nation.   "As in any government program that receives underwhelming reviews, eventually Washington gets the message and does the work for the nations States and thereby primes the pump for corporations to get behind the CPP." said Veritatis' Don

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