A Bank of America analysis found that more investors were interested in the green bond tranche. Fortune 100 company is able to pay a reduced rate and not have to worry about the capital costs really frees them up on the corporate sustainability side and the treasury side in innovative ways, according to BoA and Citi. Internal carbon taxes and self-directed controls that pay for many efficiency and renewable energy projects is the key. Not

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Utility adoption of energy efficiency programs is an outsourced model of engagement perhaps until now. According to AEEE, utilities a bit counter-intuitive in their market adoption thinking, are now seeing energy efficiency as a resource. With the confluence of proper GHG's and energy benchmarking, baselines Wall Streets acceptance of metrics for investment profiling have become standardized and with that AEEE found that it is third in the electric generation segment. And it may top the list

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Managing Risk and the sport of Open Water Marathon Swimming ... You would be surprised to learn of the correlation between managing risk and the sport of Open Water Marathon Swimming.   This exploding sport, fueled by triathletes, but started by a hardy core of tougher swimmers that embrace speedo only rules in cold water to build character and resilience not often found today. Many of these OW swimmers are surprisingly corporate leaders, business savvy

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ENERGY MANAGEMENT BEHAVIORAL DECISION MAKING By Don Macdonald, LEED AP, CEM   Not often talked about is an obscure behavioral and computer science religion called Decision Support, a basic form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and part of understanding ENERGY MANAGEMENT BEHAVIORAL DECISION MAKING. Will artificial intelligence evolve and make conscious efficiency choices (or lack thereof) for us? Is much of the human "choice" from efficiency already being eliminated, controlled by the 'man" and dictated by

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Achieve ISO 50001 Results without Certification Veritatis Advisors partners with award winning EU energy management software developer ENERIT to provide cloud based, human-centered ISO 50001 Platform Energy efficiency programs continue to set increasingly ambitious savings targets. But the tools industry and commercial buildings use lag in technology adoption. Standard tactics of employing bulky and slow ISO programs, more often than not, are falling short both in veracity and value. Likewise large IT solutions advertised from utilities

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