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Veritatis Insight – Midwest ENERGY+WATER INNOVATION   Breaking the mold - Targeted Innovation Channels for ENERGY+WATER Start-Ups Startup growth is

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Steve Jobs through sheer tenacity and resilience, focused on simplicity. Fired from Apple, created NEXT, rehired by Apple because he

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Companies are not succulently communicating their sustainability performance to investors, colleagues nor the public and not linking this performance to

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Veritatis Insights considers the economic rebound principal known as 'Jevons Paradox' as it applies to a widely known product, Scottish Whiskey.

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Utility adoption of energy efficiency programs is an outsourced model of engagement perhaps until now. According to AEEE, utilities a

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Clean Power Plan - Incentives begin to roll-out Incentives from EPA to do "states heavy lifting" launched.  Incentives for renewables

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