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Veritatis Insights considers the economic rebound principal known as 'Jevons Paradox' as it applies to a widely known product, Scottish Whiskey. Scotlands fine whiskey industry is an example of the consumption and manufacturing cycle described herein. We can consider the implications to energy and resource efficiency, waste production and by-products as a CEO or Board of Directors. Legend credits Irish monks with whiskey’s invention. Traveling in the Middle East during the Crusades, they realized the copper

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Using a combination of behavioral and product engineering process modifications, Arby's publicly steps into the limelight for recognition, well deserved. Article from Energy Manager Today - Arby’s Restaurant Group said that as of the end of last year it achieved a 15.2 percent energy reduction at its company-owned restaurants as measured against a 2011 baseline. The chain, in the story at Restaurant.News.com, also reduced water use by 8.6 percent in the same timeframe. The company had pledged

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Excellent Public Sector application of energy performance continual improvement. The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta is the first in the United States to earn ISO 50001:2011 certification, according to AECOM. The certification is awarded for creating a “systematic framework to manage energy performance and drive continual improvement.” AECOM worked with the Department of Aviation (DOA) and Asset Management and Sustainability (AMS). Source: Atlanta Airport Earns ISO

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Why is energy efficiency not embedded in Wall Streets agenda? Let me share a story. A CEO of a large multi-national you and I know shared with me how much cash he was losing from various issues - a yet to be reported manager’s fraud, overpaying certain workers, and healthcare costs. These he recognized were “material issues”. As he contemplated his course of action, he knew not taking action was unacceptable to his Board, shareholders

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