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Veritatis Advisors Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) 2016 Inspiring Efficiency Award Nominee   Energy Efficiency Leadership, Education, Impact, Marketing and Innovation Veritatis Advisors is proud to announce its nomination as a leadership finalist in the 2016 Midwest Energy Efficiency Awards, this is the second year in a row for Don and his team to receive this important recognition for works in energy performance, education, management, and Innovation. The work recognizes educational techniques and delivery methods

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ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 211P, Standard for Commercial Building Energy Audits The commercial energy audit industry has been largely unregulated and the work products that are labeled “energy audits” vary greatly in scope, rigor and quality, now comes the public draft ASHRAE Standard for Commercial Building Energy Audits This standard is to establish minimum performance levels for energy audits and bring some order to the chaos. Prior work on ASHRAE’s Special Publication “Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits” (aka

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Veritatis Advisors Market Presentation Series Proud to offer in our on-going thought leadership series the latest integrated market view, data, and analytics behind the Driving forces Behind Energy Performance If only the lack energy efficiency was caused by ISIS declaring war on America, or gas prices jumping back to $5 per gallon, efficiency would jump to the forefront of product, process and human behavior management of change ideas and marketing programs. In terms of getting people

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Achieve ISO 50001 Results without Certification Veritatis Advisors partners with award winning EU energy management software developer ENERIT to provide cloud based, human-centered ISO 50001 Platform Energy efficiency programs continue to set increasingly ambitious savings targets. But the tools industry and commercial buildings use lag in technology adoption. Standard tactics of employing bulky and slow ISO programs, more often than not, are falling short both in veracity and value. Likewise large IT solutions advertised from utilities

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Manage groups of facilities like an Investment Portfolio   Groups of facilities should be managed like an investment portfolio within the company’s risk management profile. Issues to consider - Because energy procurement is so nuanced, this is one area where organizations often look to third-party advisors for support, i.e. ESCO's Because energy management performance is so detailed and variable, this is one area where organizations often look to third party IT platforms (Veritatis ENERIT, WeSpire,

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ARPA-e Awards for 2015 - InSights into Energy Efficiency   In the quickly evolving arena of energy management and performance the ARPA-e awards can be an insightful view into Energy Sector's key research in energy management, performance, and efficiency. ARPA-e funds innovative technologies that display promise for both technical and commercial impact, but are too early for private-sector investment. Veritatis Advisors offers Angel and start-up technology and product guidance in navigating applying and identifying funding.

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Perspectives on Small Business Energy Efficiency today focuses on Knowledge. Business energy efficiency programs are often described by the small and medium sized business owner and manager in passive terms such as lenient, compliant, or latent. While it is often assumed this lack of engagement is cost driven, we are finding now that it is actually knowledge or competency driven. Most audits today continue to be engineering focused, foregoing behavioral aspects. This knowledge gap increases the cost hurdle,

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Veritatis Advisors offers proven experience strengthening your Company's Leadership in Energy Efficiency Performance. Recent case study from Canada's Lincoln Electric demonstrates results and strong ROI: Lincoln Electric 50k case study Now is your chance to joint the North American Energy Management Pilot Program for personalized training and coaching to implement an energy management system focused on continual improvement and identify energy cost-saving opportunities. Veritatis extends the impact potential with proven teams ready to consult, implement

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Small businesses make up the bulk of companies in the US by number and number of employees. But, many small business owners do not have access to energy efficiency products and services. Competence, time and resources to know what’s available or how it can help them remain challenging. Utilities are often seen as a solution to this economic segment, but with this avenue of support comes challenges of non-neutral services and supply pressures. On the

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