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Veritatis InSights   Sustainability has yet to Become Embedded in Our Every Day Lives If you look closely at the Google search word trend graph for the word "Sustainability" over time, a telltale pattern emerges which belays a lack of behavioral engagement to the level of everyday life similar to the word "Green," especially in retail segments. So how do we Embed Sustainability in Every Day Life? The hills and valleys repeat and you will note

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Veritatis Advisors Sponsors Chicago River Water Quality Chicago River Day 2016       Water Quality is an ever increasing issue globally and in the Chicago region. Growing urban lifestyles river-walk, water taxi and transit, kayaking, and Canoe, Kayak and Swim events planned, the Chicago River is coming back to life. With recent infrastructure and MWRD improvements, City and private investment has made these opportunities a reality. Chicago River Day, the flagship river clean-up event

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Managing Risk and the sport of Open Water Marathon Swimming ... You would be surprised to learn of the correlation between managing risk and the sport of Open Water Marathon Swimming.   This exploding sport, fueled by triathletes, but started by a hardy core of tougher swimmers that embrace speedo only rules in cold water to build character and resilience not often found today. Many of these OW swimmers are surprisingly corporate leaders, business savvy

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In an exert taken from Supply Chain Brain, Veritatis Advisors Partner West Monroe Partners, David South Head of Sustainability, highlights some of the out-takes from COP21 and study implications coming into focus. West Monroe Partners found that 49 percent of North American supply chain executives don't view sustainability as a strategic priority. And 64 percent have no plans to adopt sustainability initiatives in the coming years. Like it or not, though, they're going to have to take steps

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Using a combination of behavioral and product engineering process modifications, Arby's publicly steps into the limelight for recognition, well deserved. Article from Energy Manager Today - Arby’s Restaurant Group said that as of the end of last year it achieved a 15.2 percent energy reduction at its company-owned restaurants as measured against a 2011 baseline. The chain, in the story at Restaurant.News.com, also reduced water use by 8.6 percent in the same timeframe. The company had pledged

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Excellent Public Sector application of energy performance continual improvement. The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta is the first in the United States to earn ISO 50001:2011 certification, according to AECOM. The certification is awarded for creating a “systematic framework to manage energy performance and drive continual improvement.” AECOM worked with the Department of Aviation (DOA) and Asset Management and Sustainability (AMS). Source: Atlanta Airport Earns ISO

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ENERGY MANAGEMENT BEHAVIORAL DECISION MAKING By Don Macdonald, LEED AP, CEM   Not often talked about is an obscure behavioral and computer science religion called Decision Support, a basic form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and part of understanding ENERGY MANAGEMENT BEHAVIORAL DECISION MAKING. Will artificial intelligence evolve and make conscious efficiency choices (or lack thereof) for us? Is much of the human "choice" from efficiency already being eliminated, controlled by the 'man" and dictated by

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How to Build a Useful Energy Program   A cost-effective non-certified (but just as effective) energy management program that deliver’s results combines multiple KPIs to give a true picture of the likelihood of success across the business.   The most successful activities for a small business don’t just focus on one aspect of energy management (such as bills or budget), but casts a wider net to get a much clearer picture of the risks associated

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Veritatis Advisors Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) 2016 Inspiring Efficiency Award Nominee   Energy Efficiency Leadership, Education, Impact, Marketing and Innovation Veritatis Advisors is proud to announce its nomination as a leadership finalist in the 2016 Midwest Energy Efficiency Awards, this is the second year in a row for Don and his team to receive this important recognition for works in energy performance, education, management, and Innovation. The work recognizes educational techniques and delivery methods

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