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Energy Efficiency, Technology, and Startup Incubation in the Heartland Executive Summary Northwestern University, McCormack School of Engineering graduates Nikita Jain, Rushi Shah, and Ben Wagner recently concluded a three month co- sponsored (by, Veritatis Advisors Chief Don Macdonald and Vissant Capital Director Doug McConnell) market cluster analysis to pinpoint midwestern energy efficiency (EE) free market, policy, and startup incubation hurdles and opportunities. This ground breaking piece, the team considers Midwestern economic engine capabilities, workforce capabilities,

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A Bank of America analysis found that more investors were interested in the green bond tranche. Fortune 100 company is able to pay a reduced rate and not have to worry about the capital costs really frees them up on the corporate sustainability side and the treasury side in innovative ways, according to BoA and Citi. Internal carbon taxes and self-directed controls that pay for many efficiency and renewable energy projects is the key. Not

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Veritatis Insight – Midwest ENERGY+WATER INNOVATION   Breaking the mold - Targeted Innovation Channels for ENERGY+WATER Start-Ups Startup growth is on the rise — but not in Chicago. According to the 2017 Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship, a study that measures startup growth at the city, state, and national level. The study focuses on metrics like the average employment growth at startups, how many companies have scaled up, and how many high-growth startups are in each area. This year, entrepreneurship grew in 26

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Steve Jobs through sheer tenacity and resilience, focused on simplicity. Fired from Apple, created NEXT, rehired by Apple because he knew above all else simplicity matters. Eric Burke The Utility industry work force is passing this ephemeral moment in technology development. Jobs' vision while transformative was painful, knowing beforehand 'NEXT' was never to be successful. He was not creating gadgets, but rather an ecosystem and few saw it for what it was. Utilities like the

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Companies are not succulently communicating their sustainability performance to investors, colleagues nor the public and not linking this performance to shareholder value. Much like a new swimmer jumping off dock and no way to get our of the river. However, stronger internal engagement between functional groups, business operations, procurement and investor relations/executives or Board can drive sustainability/ESG strategy. Companies often begin this trek by over communicating un-sustainable promises or ones with hollow value (better known

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Veritatis Insights considers the economic rebound principal known as 'Jevons Paradox' as it applies to a widely known product, Scottish Whiskey. Scotlands fine whiskey industry is an example of the consumption and manufacturing cycle described herein. We can consider the implications to energy and resource efficiency, waste production and by-products as a CEO or Board of Directors. Legend credits Irish monks with whiskey’s invention. Traveling in the Middle East during the Crusades, they realized the copper

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Utility adoption of energy efficiency programs is an outsourced model of engagement perhaps until now. According to AEEE, utilities a bit counter-intuitive in their market adoption thinking, are now seeing energy efficiency as a resource. With the confluence of proper GHG's and energy benchmarking, baselines Wall Streets acceptance of metrics for investment profiling have become standardized and with that AEEE found that it is third in the electric generation segment. And it may top the list

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Clean Power Plan - Incentives begin to roll-out Incentives from EPA to do "states heavy lifting" launched.  Incentives for renewables and those adopting, investing, building such assets are now being spoon fed from EPA to the nation.   "As in any government program that receives underwhelming reviews, eventually Washington gets the message and does the work for the nations States and thereby primes the pump for corporations to get behind the CPP." said Veritatis' Don

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Veritatis Advisors global client Schneider Electric reports stunning success in deployment of its energy management strategy devised by VA's Don Macdonald. It is always welcomed to see other reporting on your good work, at scale, of energy efficiency and uses of Standards to peel back layers of operational performance and change culture while meeting financial objectives and Wall Street expectations. Schneider North American CEO at the time, Jeff Drees and his team envisioned vertical integration of

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