Achieve ISO 50001 Results without Certification

Veritatis Advisors partners with award winning EU energy management software developer ENERIT to provide cloud based, human-centered ISO 50001 Platform

Energy efficiency programs continue to set increasingly ambitious savings targets. But the tools industry and commercial buildings use lag in technology adoption. Standard tactics of employing bulky and slow ISO programs, more often than not, are falling short both in veracity and value. Likewise large IT solutions advertised from utilities or building management control software companies are large and costly, way beyond the needs for small and medium sized enterprises.

Many of these programmatic efforts are based on the assumption that if people received the benefits and incentives, they would shift their attention and change behaviors. Our experience — along with social research on energy consumptive patterns — tells us that these approaches aren’t compelling for most people. They just don’t work and theres got to be a better way.

We’ve been working with our partner and clients for years to solve this problem, perfecting the cloud based solution to combining equipment and behavioral performance. 

  • Puts energy control in the hands of those that need it
  • Cloud based platform, certification optional, and Independent of utility services
  • ISO level electronic documentation without the burdensome cellulose, costs, or duplication of effort
  • Perfect for small and medium size enterprises
  • A robust management system to deliver a powerful end to end systematic energy management solution for small and medium sized Enterprises.
  • Enables the user to implement ISO 50001 or upgrade ISO 14001 to include energy across one or multiple sites without the requirement for an existing internal management system.
  • Integrates with existing monitoring and targeting software


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