How to Build a Useful Energy Program



A cost-effective non-certified (but just as effective) energy management program that deliver’s results combines multiple KPIs to give a true picture of the likelihood of success across the business.


The most successful activities for a small business don’t just focus on one aspect of energy management (such as bills or budget), but casts a wider net to get a much clearer picture of the risks associated with energy programs.

Some indicators in the best programs I’ve seen include:

  • Behavioral
  • Management Engagement
  • Establishment of a normalized baseline
  • Frequency of energy team meetings
  • Frequency of treasure hunts, audits, etc.
  • Engagement of employees, contractors, and occupants (e.g. tool talks, etc.)
  • Use of energy procurement practices
  • Energy savings project pipeline
  • CFO engagement and financial level metrics
  • Consistency of maintenance programs (e.g. air leaks, steam traps, fans, pumps)
  • Use of energy software to find opportunities, track projects, and verify savings
  • CapEx investment rules
  • Consistency of energy reviews of new or retrofitted equipment
  • Non-energy benefits (e.g. safety, productivity, employee morale, GHG)
  • Expectations and rules


Start with a couple practices, consider a professionally qualified coach in-person or remote based, and build from there.


You may be tempted to run it from a central team, but it’s more engaging and useful to have staff from one building/facility create what works for them and then rationalize the bottom-up metrics for the group, allowing staff to spread best practices and collaborate on solutions.

Once you have mastered these principles then consider adding financial level metrics, auditing, and processes that will integrate into business planning and larger group fertilization.

Cloud based software solutions, that are economical and simple to implement are available for small and medium sized Divisions and firms. These enable remote assessment and coaching which keeps costs in check and allows future growth. As you grow there are more sophisticated platforms.

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