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Proud to offer in our on-going thought leadership series the latest integrated market view, data, and analytics behind the Driving forces Behind Energy Performance

If only the lack energy efficiency was caused by ISIS declaring war on America, or gas prices jumping back to $5 per gallon, efficiency would jump to the forefront of product, process and human behavior management of change ideas and marketing programs. In terms of getting people to pay attention, CEO’s to budget, and CFO’s to engage in accounting for energy like cash we could not have picked a worse physiological factor. When was the last time a CEO wanted to be known for wasting tens of millions of dollars in inefficient processes or manufactured products, buildings or distribution? The physiology behind this is at the very core of the challenge.

Despite a growing consensus of data, weather cycles, and public opinion polls to this effect, we are too slow to react to the otherwise OPEC controlled agenda.


Probably the single most important reason energy efficiency suffers is its lack of a face, recognizable banner being waved, or nauseating anger, fear or unfair death.

Market dynamics which drive adoption of EE, EE programs, financial hurdles.

Link – Driving Forces behind Energy Efficiency and Performance


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